Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ten Months

Ten months, 2 days, not that I'm counting. Dave said "You should race that", so now plans start for the Enduro Snob Epic.

Yes, I thought that to, what am I crazy, stupid, dreaming or plain just going to come home in a box. Thing is why not? Why can't I?

First, thanks to you bloggers out there. I have found you to be great sources of knowledge and experience.

I find myself reading books, mags, linking to every blog and site I can. What I find is answers and encouragement.

Why not?

Now I plan, train, fail, try again, learn, maybe crank some more, get sick once or twice and wait till November.

Do I have a plan? Yes.
Do I have a clue? Well maybe.

Simple plan. Ride, don't stop, turn on light, ride some more, "no, no, no don't make me get on that bike again", stop at a c-store, ride again, finish!!! Big trophy -Drop dead- what style, what panache.


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