Sunday, November 18, 2007

The New Phone Books Are Here

found the list yeaterday before i went in for inventory funny thing was i look at still just as much as a spectator as a racer look at the list. did you see it well look again the list is full of want and hunger this not a list of your average people of sport.this is a list of the mad, the driven, the cant get enough, many other things are true of this Surly lot but i know this for sure not a better group to be found so it looks like i grab someones wheel and hang onto the pack. then one day i can say " did you see when _____ " it may fell odd to be a teller of tales instead of a listener but the old stories were so good i had to see for myself.
The List. names names names , oh here it is right after that one. Johnson, Naven R , makes you want a cup of pizza or maybe just a elephant burger at Melgeorges. time for breakfast than a ride.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

plans and more plans

well my top secret plans are all in action
bike is sanded, parts are all but final, gear version3.0 all here, out and on the loaded trainer, ride into wind only cold to the south still waiting for the shift north and the temp drop,mainly night rides,thoughts of who the GOOD COMPANY will be, what a site to see as the march to the city of the seven hills begins no shelter no quarter no mercy victory is the only course. int fall news frig and mic in two if the request goes our way . reading the blogs again i like that jill asks the questions i have and charlie is the rider i want to be when i grow up. have looked at maps and guide of the area, want to have a better lay of the land this year, a little less this place will do result. big tech queation is there a map or list that has the milage markers for the race we will run not the trail but our adjusted course, is shelter one at ___ this mile does sheep ranch road cross at ___ this mile and the like. i seem to remember some gps ed the route i would like to make a list of the way points. proof of distance can be a great motivater and uncertainty can be very disharting

Thursday, February 08, 2007


budgetbiker went to a event saw the brave at play. how small you feel when greatness rides by at 8mph when its -30 below and all you have is a camera and a warm mini van. see you all next year. what to say? no words fit, the pictures help, i told one of the stories of the race at work and was shocked to find my eyes welled up with tears, i did the manly thing and blamed my damb cold. truth is the things i saw scared me to death and made me feel more alive than can remember. EPIC.

Monday, October 16, 2006


So as with most weekends the time goes by way to fast. Not that nothing gets done, but all the things take time and lots off it. Soon your to tired for any bike adventures, or maybe not,
Team Mountain Cub, " No we will not be taking t-shirt requests and the team roster is set up for only those age quallified".
Much of the weekend flew by , the girls and I go to dinner Friday , go to the bakery fo lunch, go to the park to play, go to Widmans for candy, pull the wagon home one tired girl in it one on my shoulders long walk home, clean house, bake cookies, bake bread, make breakfast, make dinner"Cranberry Apple Raison Curry Walnut Chicken" Yes a good meal followed by homework for the oldest. Wait the weekend is done with no ride at all. Or is it?
After dinner I have to put stuff away in the garage, when Greta gomes out. Dad? You want to go for a bike ride? If its a short one I tell her.
Out comes the Trek Mountain Cub, all steel all single speed and all mountain. one helmet and we are ready. Where does she want to go just a ride around the block I am told.Three turns later and its time to go home, but wait Greta has other plans. Dad can we go gravel grinding ? Yeh instead of going home we are now off to tear up the alleys ,"Dad I am really fast" .
DAD CAN WE GO TO THAT BLOCK? Why not , so off we go faster this block has dogs in the alley. Dad I am to fast for that dog that one is small look at the big white dog.

Greta is three now and fast on her bike well fast enough to make me look like a old man running beside her as she learns to ride her bike. Greta? What kind of bike do you have? A montain bike Dad. Greta? What are we doing? Gravel grinding Dad.Greta? Where do you want to ride when you get bigger? Trans Iowa Radio Dad.
I dont know when Greta will learn that the race is Trans Iowa, but one rainy Saturday morning the girls and I spent the day logging on to the computer to hear a voice from far away, G-Ted live from Iowa.
Now even when my rides are cut short or dont happen at all , there is still the chance to go on a Epic adventure.
Back to the real world now making angel food cake toffey bars and apple maple walnut cake plus need ship out some cookies to Indiana Virgina and Wisconson. May be in bed by midnite. Oh yeh no ride today either big deal there is allways the next day .

Saturday, September 30, 2006

24 hrs 9 mile

test post.
hey Dave is this right? if it posts then yes
1. take the 24 if you have a chance, I have allready called on rooms at the nearby lodge for the girls. So far I am racing for the national 24 hr solo single speed title " or in my real world adding my registration fee to some NORBA trail building project in the country" .
2. will call you on the TR ride tonight
3. have made a cabin res. for cheg. 40 allready. Pays to plan ahead. Have one in Hayward, now I need to see if I am going, racing 40 mile , short ride or just a spectator/pit helper.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Doing the Kanza

Well I'm doing the Dirty Kanza. If I get in. Hopefully there is a spot left. I think I'm outta my mind. What was I thinking? Thanks a lot Dave! Oh well I better get training :) Only 17 days left to get in shape.

Rick :<

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ten Months

Ten months, 2 days, not that I'm counting. Dave said "You should race that", so now plans start for the Enduro Snob Epic.

Yes, I thought that to, what am I crazy, stupid, dreaming or plain just going to come home in a box. Thing is why not? Why can't I?

First, thanks to you bloggers out there. I have found you to be great sources of knowledge and experience.

I find myself reading books, mags, linking to every blog and site I can. What I find is answers and encouragement.

Why not?

Now I plan, train, fail, try again, learn, maybe crank some more, get sick once or twice and wait till November.

Do I have a plan? Yes.
Do I have a clue? Well maybe.

Simple plan. Ride, don't stop, turn on light, ride some more, "no, no, no don't make me get on that bike again", stop at a c-store, ride again, finish!!! Big trophy -Drop dead- what style, what panache.