Saturday, September 30, 2006

24 hrs 9 mile

test post.
hey Dave is this right? if it posts then yes
1. take the 24 if you have a chance, I have allready called on rooms at the nearby lodge for the girls. So far I am racing for the national 24 hr solo single speed title " or in my real world adding my registration fee to some NORBA trail building project in the country" .
2. will call you on the TR ride tonight
3. have made a cabin res. for cheg. 40 allready. Pays to plan ahead. Have one in Hayward, now I need to see if I am going, racing 40 mile , short ride or just a spectator/pit helper.


Blogger Simmons said...

Nice job Rick. Looks great. Keep it up.

The 24 nationals is definitely at the top of the list. Cellerat also has a ride planned the weekend of November 4th in Colorado. What are you're thoughts on that?

Sorry about the TR ride. We'll have to get out there next weekend. The Poprad handled the trails just fine today. So, you shouldn't have any problems using the Blue or your stretch limo 6500 :)

I don't know about the Cheq 40 for next year. I'll have to do some sweet talking around FedEx :) I think you would have fun either way. Whether you raced in it or just took in the atmosphere of it all.


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