Tuesday, November 13, 2007

plans and more plans

well my top secret plans are all in action
bike is sanded, parts are all but final, gear version3.0 all here, out and on the loaded trainer, ride into wind only cold to the south still waiting for the shift north and the temp drop,mainly night rides,thoughts of who the GOOD COMPANY will be, what a site to see as the march to the city of the seven hills begins no shelter no quarter no mercy victory is the only course. int fall news frig and mic in two if the request goes our way . reading the blogs again i like that jill asks the questions i have and charlie is the rider i want to be when i grow up. have looked at maps and guide of the area, want to have a better lay of the land this year, a little less this place will do result. big tech queation is there a map or list that has the milage markers for the race we will run not the trail but our adjusted course, is shelter one at ___ this mile does sheep ranch road cross at ___ this mile and the like. i seem to remember some gps ed the route i would like to make a list of the way points. proof of distance can be a great motivater and uncertainty can be very disharting


Blogger Doug said...

Rick....is it true?!! You're going to give it a go in 2008?!! See ya out there!

10:37 PM  

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