Sunday, November 18, 2007

The New Phone Books Are Here

found the list yeaterday before i went in for inventory funny thing was i look at still just as much as a spectator as a racer look at the list. did you see it well look again the list is full of want and hunger this not a list of your average people of sport.this is a list of the mad, the driven, the cant get enough, many other things are true of this Surly lot but i know this for sure not a better group to be found so it looks like i grab someones wheel and hang onto the pack. then one day i can say " did you see when _____ " it may fell odd to be a teller of tales instead of a listener but the old stories were so good i had to see for myself.
The List. names names names , oh here it is right after that one. Johnson, Naven R , makes you want a cup of pizza or maybe just a elephant burger at Melgeorges. time for breakfast than a ride.


Anonymous pw said...

Just when you find your name, then you realize that the "man hates cans".

11:46 PM  

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